Post by sud0074 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:56 pm

Hello Guys
i am using OC and try to install template file
after did all operation and when i run the program the template i got error
Error: Could not load template
C:\wamp\www/catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/content_slideshow.tpl! in C:\wamp\www\vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 90

then i go to catalog/view/theme/default/template/common but i didn't find content_slideshow.tpl
please tell me how to fix this ..

Thanks in advance



Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:41 pm

Post by IP_CAM » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:11 am

because it looks for the 'content_slideshow.tpl' in the DEFAULT Theme:

Code: Select all

but the 'content_slideshow.tpl' is not there.

You wrote, that you tried to install a new template, so check in the:

Code: Select all

if you placed the 'content_slideshow.tpl' there, or then, where you really placed it.


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Post by sud0074 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:59 pm

thanks for this advice let me do this ..



Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:41 pm
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