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Hi all,

We recently have had our site upgraded to with the help of the forums and are back to request support in integrating Opencart with SKUVault to manage our inventory (SKUVault is where we centrally house our inventory and this pings off every x amount of time to all our various channels of sale to ensure that the stock levels remain correct).

SKUVault has an Opencart integration in place as standard which we have installed. Now, this works fine for products which only have a main, Opencart SKU/UPC. In other words, it works fine if your product(s) do not have options or variations. Upon liaising with the SKUVault developers they have advised that their integration isn't made to update product options with Opencart, therefore we may need a custom integration in order for this to work. However, we are a clothing store and hence have different sizes of products which need to have their stock levels updated accordingly.

For example...

Product a might come in sizes small and medium, therefore in SKUVault we might have SKUs for this product and its' variations as follows:

Parent SKU: Producta

Variation SKUs:
Small = Producta_S
Medium = Producta_M

Therefore the standard SKUVault integration can update the Parent SKU quantities but is not made to update the variation (or Option) quantities in Opencart as standard. This is probably because Opencart doesn't have built-in product option SKUs/UPCs.

What have we done so far:

1. We have installed the following extension to our site to enable us to update the product option SKUs and UPCs: ... 0SKU%20UPC

2. We have also installed the SKUVault API ( ... h-opencart)

3. We also have the Opencart Restful API ( installed on-site if required

What we have currently achieved:

1. We have a successful integration with SKUVault currently which will update parent / main Opencart SKU quantities. However this is only beneficial for us in terms of products which we sell that do not have variations / options. For example, a pair of sunglasses.

What we require Commercial support with:

1. We require the integration to update product option quantities by removing or adding to the quantity which SKUVault represents and vice versa for sales from the website so that this fits within our overall integration.

2. We may also require the parent / main total quantity to automatically link with the product options and be a total of the product options as with the integration for updating the SKUs the parent SKUs in SKUVault do not have the total quantities.

I look forward to hear from you all,



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I can help. please add me over Skype: cis.victor1 or emai:


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Hi Luke,

You have emailed us in the past and I think we can help again if you still need it. Would you like to drop us an email to to discuss?

Kind regards,

For quick, professional OpenCart support please email

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Hello Luke,
Please check your PM and let me know. I have relevant experience in an Opencart and ready to help you.
Or you can email me at: to discuss further.

Shivank Agrawal

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Hello Luke,

We can help you. You can contact us at

Opencart Expert | sales[at]
Skype - manish.osuniverse | Gtalk - manishmt

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