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Hi everybody I just resale a new modification to block the user from accessing your site if you don't ship to their countries.

We Do Not Ship To Your Country.

Are you tire of the request if you ship to their country?
This modification will help you not only of blocking people from counties you do not ship your products.
as well as blocking spammers and hackers from accessing your site.

how does it work?

It will check the Countries (Geo Zones) you have enabled in your site.
these zones are the zones you ship your products ( you can view these zones by going to System -> Geo Zones), here you will see the Geo Zone List.

any other Zone, not on the list is disabled -meaning you don't ship your products there.

Anyone trying to access your site from the disabled zone will get a
"Sorry, We Do Not Ship To Your Country."
it will be redirected to their local search engine.
without sending a referrer header from your site, in other words, you are sending them anonymously.

if anyone is interested just click the link ... n_id=35644
and you are done - enjoy it.
fraudulent transactions. from foreign countries are a thing of the past.

Now every time someone tries to access your site from China if you do not ship to China they will see a new polite message and they will be redirected their local search engine.

An extra layer of protection against spammers and hackers.

question please pm me.

No subscription - no bs

This is the first of his kind - copycats are coming soon after...

Thank you, everyone!

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