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Customer Product Manager (CPM) / SaaS Membership Module version 2.3.1 released.
- Add a complete front-end multi-seller/vendor membership system to your store
- Give Members the ability to create and sell products on your store
- Transform your store into a SaaS e-commerce website

Demo: Login to Demo Website. Live Production Example:

Admin Features
Admin can configure over 75 module settings!
Admin must approve new products and both auto-approval setting and mass-approval feature available
Admin can link any new or existing product(s) to any Member Account
Admin can link any new or existing Customer Account to any Member Account
Admin can configure max number of products to be managed per Member Account
Admin can configure private image upload directory and downloads directory for each Member Account
Admin can set sales Commission Rate per Member account
Admin can set default values for image upload directory, downloads directory, commission rate %, and max products
Admin can configure image upload settings (filesize, dimensions, etc) for Member Accounts
Admin can configure which data tabs and data fields are displayed on the Member Product Managers
Admin can configure up to 6 additional "custom text fields" for Member profiles
Admin can set Member order alert email and Admin new product email
Admin can view detailed Member Sales Report
Admin can send payment to Member via PayPal from Admin Member Sales Report
... and more!

Member Features
Member Accounts are a special type of front-end Customer Account
Members can manage products using their own private Member Product Manager
Members can manage images in private directories using Member Image Manager
Members can manage digital file downloads in a private directory
Members have their own Member Page with membership profile (name, image, description, etc.)
Members List page lists all Membership Accounts that have active (enabled & approved) products
Products created by Members are listed on Member's Page and any other Category Pages they're assigned to
Members can view their own private Product Views Report
Members can view their own private Sales History Report
Members can update the Order Status on their Orders
Membership Account Registration added to the front-end
... and more!

Learn More
- Features List
- Annotated Screenshots
- Modified Files
- Installation Instructions
- Changelog

- OpenCart v1.5.3.x - v1.5.6.x
- vQmod

Easy to install, upgrade, and uninstall using database scripts built-in to the module.
Uses vQmod for changes and does not overwrite any files in the default OpenCart installation!

For a basic version, see CPM Basic. MijoShop (Joomla!) compatible version is available - please contact for details.

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