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I'm currently on the way to running an Opencart v1.5.6 based online shop. I'm using an Amazon EC2 instance to run my server. So far its working & performing fine. Now, I need to move the images to an Amazon S3 bucket. I've searched the forum for ways to do this but I couldn't find any. I've tried to change the file config.php in both the root & inside the admin folders, assuming that my Opencart installation is at the root of

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define('DIR_IMAGE', '/var/www/html/opencart/image/');

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define('DIR_IMAGE', '');
Please note that is an Elastic IP associated with my EC2 instance & is a CNAME mapping to my S3 bucket where all the files & folders in the image directory is stored & having permissions set to be read by everyone.
I've read somewhere that Opencart can load images from a sub domain, But still it isn't working.If I open up the address on the browser, the image file opens up, so no issues there, I believe.

I've tried the following: ... 75#p194975

But, None worked & my store loads up with no images. If I try to view the source of my page, all the image src's are blank, like this <img src="" ..../>. Is there any way I can solve this? Any help is appreciated :)

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Where do you edit this config.php in ec2?

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