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I would like a mod that allows me to have seperate stock levels for default (retail) customers & Standard Wholesale customers.

The reason is i have a number of wholesale customers that are clearing all the stock out and leaving very little for the retail. My particular industry has to have a fine balance of wholesale & retail customers happy.

So we have made the decision to allocate a certain amount of stock to wholesale, once its gone its gone until we restock.

I would love the ability to be able to edit both stock levels in bulk per category / product level.

This is a paid job and is quite urgent.

We have had Qphoria make a start on this but it seems to reset all stock quantites when somebody buys that particular product. I hope TQ is still working on it but thought i would give the other guys on here a shout to help just incase. I know how busy TQ must be.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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PM Sent..



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Actually, it would be a good idea to contact Qphoria first, lest even Scotty be unable to beam you back.

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Contact me on skype : webmeastro.

May be i will be able to help you out


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