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first of all sorry my english speaking, i know isnt too clean .

I have a joomla installation wich need to be transfer on a new opencart website ; i ve tryed so many extension from import/export in csv, xls and other, but no one seem to be good for this kind of work

Another problem is that the product on joomla were not inserted with virtuamate, but with a module called 'book library' ..

So i have tryed to export the booklibrary tables from mysql, i have doin some edit for making it work with the opencart database, after import all seem to be ok, but only in phpmyadmin the product are displayin... in front and backend nothing happen...

anyone can help me? i'm working from 24 hours and got to be mad... i hope someone can help me here, but if not (i know is not the appropriate section) i can pay something for the disturb (skype punkarockers) ...

Anyway i really need help, many thanks to all replies :-[



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Try adding a dummy product from opencart admin panel and compare THAT line in phpmyadmin with the imported lines. You might find out the error.

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This thread is really old but wanted to mention my answer for anyone looking...

Considering your using something other then virtuemart called "book library" yes you need to do a custom migration. The trick in doing a CSV or Excel export from your custom shop to Opencart is to:

1) use a really good import export extension (I recommend Devmans: ... n_id=16803 )
2) you need to make sure you don't lose the foreign key relationships. This is the hardest part. Long story short is the order tables, customer tables, product tables have specific spreadsheet columns that use an id to relate to each other. You need to keep these relations correct when you import.
3)If possible try to keep the id columns (the auto increment the same) this way you can debug easier and reimport portions that went wrong easier. Also hopefully the import export extension has a truncate feature so you can truncate the database and import again.
4) you need to find an extension (i think devman supports this) that can import images
5) if the description in your old site has a lot of crazy html this may need some manual improvement after import

There really is a lot more to consider but it would take a book and several videos to go into ultimate detail.

Good luck to anyone taking this up and if you have questions reach out.

I had answered a similar question here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=102028&p=795926#p795926

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