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Category Short Description With Image (Redesigned Refine search)

This extension replaces the default refine search lookout, with a category wall with images. It displays the category image, name and if given, the short description otherwise it shows the default description. In the short description you can use html tags too. The category wall has it's own CSS file, with that you can easily fit the extension to your custom template.

The extension can be found here: ... on_id=9307

Category Short Description With Image (Redesigned refine search)
version 1.1
vQmod version 2.2.0
written by Tamás Késmárki -

- Add short description to your categories.
- The module replaces the default "Refine search", with a category wall with images, and short description.
- You can use html tags in short description.
- No character limit.
- If no short description given, the original description will show.
- Multi language support.

Admin demo: (demo/demo)

- vQmod (2.2.0)

- First you need to install vQmod (
- Extract the downloaded archive
- Connect using a FTP program to your hosting/server account and browse the root of your OpenCart installation folder.
- Upload the content of "upload" folder to OpenCart's root folder. You should not get any file replacement warnings. If you do, double check to make sure you are not replacing any critical files (if you had an older version of the modules already installed, you will need to replace the old files).
- Open up your browser, and goto "http://YOUR_STORE_URL/install.php", after the installation finished, it is recommended to delete the file.

Custom Theme:
- If you have custom theme, you have to copy "catalog/view/theme/default/stylesheet/category_quantity.css" to "catalog/view/theme/_YOUR_THEME_FOLDER_/stylesheet/".
- Edit this file, to fit your theme.

The english translation files are located at:
- "admin/language/english/catalog/category_short_description.php"
- "catalog/language/english/product/category_short_description.php" (You can change the "Refine search" text, by editing this file)

This version is tested with OpenCart 1.5.6.*, 1.5.5.*, 1.5.4.*, 1.5.3.*, 1.5.2.*, 1.5.1.*

Version History:
1.1 (20130124):
- added compatibility for opencart v1.5.5.*

1.0 (20121113):
- initial release

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