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Hey everyone,
first and foremost I apologize for any newbieness I'm about to exhibit-- I'm alright with HTML/CSS but I'm a goner when it comes to mySQL/PHP/etc.

my shop was running 100% when I was on 1.2.8; I read that the upgrades to 1.2.9 went really smoothly for most people an dwhen I went to download 1.2.9 I saw 1.3.0 had just been released!
I read and followed the notes in the installer, but there were some lines to query into the database-- now these were notes from 1.2.9 > 1.3.0 so I'm skipping a version-- it said it couldn't find any of those tables that the script called for-- I couldn't find them either, so I figured I had nothing to worry about. (Perhaps this is where I messed up)?

I got everything uploaded and installed. But now if I go to any of my items, none of the product images load; the only ones that do load are on the front page and under BestSellers. All my other product images aren't there. Yes, i had backups of my old images and I copied over all my old files from the /image file and subsequent files over... they're still not showing up. It looks like the urls are looking for the filename with "-x" added onto the end of each one.... what's that about?

Secondly, upon checkout I receive this error in place of the payment page:
Error: Could not load model payment/paypal!

Customers>Mail gives me "Permission Denied!" but I'm guessing this has to do with the SMTP settings (which I haven't messed with yet) that are included under Configuration>Setting.

Now here's my largest problem; if I go to Catalog and try to edit ANY product/category, I get an error like this:

Error: Table 'tahnee_emporium.url_alias' doesn't exist
Error No: 1146
SELECT DISTINCT *, (SELECT keyword FROM url_alias WHERE query = 'product_id=54') AS keyword FROM product WHERE product_id = '54'

url_alias indeed doesn't exist in my database, I could figure that one out... Now I see it's possible for me to go in and make new categories and all that, but it's not reading my old ones! I haven't populated my shop to the point that it would be impossible to remake twin products and categories to everything that's on there now.... but when viewing the shop, all the information's there (sans images, as mentioned before)-- so I could just go in and copy-paste my old descriptions over and re-upload my images. But since it's already there.... shouldn't there be a way to make the admin side read it?

Sorry that this is so long and detailed, I just thought I'd throw out any questions/problems I have right now because as this is a new release, some other people may be running into similar problems.

...and even though I'm having problems right now, I wanted to thank [Daniel] for such an AMAZING online shopping tool!!!! :D

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Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:24 pm

Post by Daniel » Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:47 pm

the sql to create the url alias table is in the install folder.

sorry for making the upgrade process so bad but if I did an antuomatic one people would complain it wiped there chanegs out.

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