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Selling Extensions & Exploiting Topics
-Second opinions on existing topics are always allowed and encouraged, as well as mentioning of extensions. However, if you are trying to exploit a topic with intentions of selling your extension you will be warned. There is a clear distinction between offering your extension as true help and exploiting. What does exploit mean? to utilize, especially for profit; turn to practical account; to use selfishly for one's own ends. Obviously, there are thousands upon thousands of posts answered and replied to with the suggestion of extensions and this is encouraged. Again, there is a clear distinction between helping, and exploiting. If you are only here to piggy back topics with intentions to spam your extensions then action will be taken. This does not apply to the forum sections that are devoted to announcing and selling new extensions.

Commercial Development Ethics
-Many users on the forums are in need of a developer to help them with a project. For obvious reasons Open Cart is not involved in what goes on behind closed doors between users and developers. Both the developer and the user have a responsibility to practice their own business sense whereby protecting their assets.
If you are a developer on this forum it is suggested that you practice good work ethic when dealing with potential customers. How you do this is your business. If you are a user on this forum it is suggested that you practice good work ethic when dealing with potential developers. How you do this is your business as well. Again, if there is exploiting going on between either party, Open Cart will not get involved because it is purely your responsibility to protect your assets. However, users have been banned from the forum that were proven to be taking advantage of developers and vice-verse. There is no "department" that deals with this per say, but trust me when I say...there are eyes in the sky.

Patience for moderators and devoted forum support experts.
-As Open Cart becomes more popular with that comes more forum posts per day. Please be patient when posting a topic. Sometimes posts fall through the cracks or get delayed due to the actual topic or the number of people able to answer it. It "will" eventually be answered. As mention in Q's post it won't speed the process up by messaging moderators for help.

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