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More and more I'm coming to a private message inbox full of forum members requesting generic assistance for what they could have either searched for or asked on the public forums. I'm getting the same complaint from other moderators too. Remember these are community forums and the design is that people help people. Moderators and Admins are here to "moderate", not be personal help desks. This is not meant to sound insensitive but being realistic, there are much more pressing issues than your individual generic problems.
"How can I make my site faster...."
"Do you think my new theme is ok...."
"Where do I add product variations..."
"How can make the site wider..."
These are all things that can be asked in the public forum.

By directly asking Admins/Moderators for help via PM, you are limiting the power of the request as others that might have the same issue cannot see the solution. You also take up time that could be spent improving or assisting many people.

It is ok to PM moderators for:
- Conflict resolution
- Reporting a forum/site issue
- Reporting fraud on the extension store
- Assistance with mods specifically authored by the moderator

It is NOT ok to PM moderators for:
- Generic questions about the cart
- Generic Theme/Mod related questions
- Anything generic that could be asked in a forum

You will much likely get faster results by posting your question in the proper forum in a clear and concise way than from Admin/Moderators. There are occasions when after a few days of no answer on a question it may be necessary to escalate to the Developer Moderators for assistance which is ok. But please post the question in the forum first.

PM between forum Members:

- While PM between members are not monitored, You are not allow to use PM for bullying, personal attack or inflammatory comments!

Do not hesitate to report such PM as action will be taken.

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And if you still do you will get a 7 days ban.

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