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1. It is very important that any custom template changes are made in your own template folder. If you made changes to the 'default' template, it is important that you rename it to something else before upgrade. This will prevent the upgrade process from overwriting your template changes.

2. Until there is system in place to better manage and separate custom changes to the 'code' files, You will need to reinstall your contribs and changes after upgrade. Be sure that the contrib is also upgraded to work with the upgraded version of OpenCart. Anytime you install a contrib, it is best that you note it down somewhere so that you remember to install them again.

3. There are also cases where a few of the 'default' template files are updated to work with new code files. This might mean that you will need to carefully add those new tpl files into your custom template. These are usually small changes so they aren't a major thing to worry about until you see a problem.

4. Follow the upgrade instructions in the install.txt file. A simpler method of dealing with your config.php files is to just not upload the new one. Copy ALL files except the config.php file. However, you will need to set the config.php and admin/config.php to writeable so that it can be updated by the upgrade process.

5. Finally, you will need to update the database using the upgrade script. You can find it at:
In the latest versions of OpenCart, it will automatically run the upgrade script when you log into the admin panel.

- NO products or any custom database information will be negatively affected.
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