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Whether you're trying to change the welcome message, the welcome email or something else, it's fairly easy to find the right file, once you know how...

1, Open command prompt to your OpenCart directory by doing: S:\ && cd path\to\opencart\ (or get Open Command Window Here).
2, Enter: findstr /s /I /C:"string" *.*

Where "string" is, replace that with the text you are looking for. For example:

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findstr /s /I /C:"welcome" *.*
admin\language\english\controller\home.php:$_['heading_description'] = 'Welcome
to your Online Shop Administration.';
You can also use the "more" tool if it scrolls too fast:

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findstr /s /I /C:"welcome" *.* | more
All you have to do now is open the file you find in your favourite editor and edit the appropriate text.

Good luck!

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