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We purchased the Google Feeder from Webkul for OpenCart. We have had nothing but issue after issue getting it to work. Is there anyone that has successfully implemented this application that is willing to help us? The Webkul support sucks (they are just no help at all).

The issue I'm having is with the Google API setup to get it to connect to OpenCart. The connect keeps failing. Of course, the instructions that WebKul provided are OLD and no longer match Googles setup screens.

If your willing to get on a teams call, Skype, Zoom to help me.

I think our issue is within Google API - below is link to the instructions. ... t-your-app

In the "Submitting your app for verification" - it states in number 5 and 6 there should be a "Prepare for verification" and a "Submit for verification" buttons. I never see these buttons within Google's API & Services section of the OAuth consent screen.
Anybody know how to get those verification buttons to show up on Google API & Services?


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