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The base code and the upgrade scripts do not match up. There are different versions of the database variables in use, such that the code does not match the database settings.
upgrade_4.php, contains a number of failures.
The database is supposedly updated so that:
Config_admin_language has been changed to config_language_admin
Config_language_id has been changed to config_language
The upgrade script does not in fact update the database for these changes, NOR is the code updated throughout.
The coded variables are mostly the same as in version 3. (10 instances of config_admin_language and 355 of config_language_id)

Another error is in the setting of 'config_pagination_admin'. 'config_pagination' is set to '10' but this code sets config_pagination_admin to 'en-GB', which fails.

Code: Select all

 if (isset($settings['config_admin_language'])) {
                                $missing[] = [
                                        'key'        => 'config_pagination_admin',
                                        'value'      => $settings['config_admin_language'],
                                        'code'       => 'config',
                                        'serialized' => 0
Should be :   'value'      => 10,

I think there are other similar problems as I cannot save changes to the store details (About Us for instance, in Ssystem -> Settings -> Information: attempting to save kicks back to the admin login.

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Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:50 am

Post by ADD Creative » Mon Jan 09, 2023 1:22 am

There is a bug in the upgrade, but your solution is completely wrong.

I've already told you how to fix it three times.

Maybe you can't see my posts.

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Post by xxvirusxx » Mon Jan 09, 2023 1:54 am

A good decision is to stick with maintenance branch untill 4.0.x.x is ready for production....

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