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Are you noticing a decrease in traffic to your website? It can be concerning to see a drop in visits, but don't worry – there are a few steps you can take to investigate the cause of the decline. In this blog post, we'll walk you through tips and tricks to help you determine why website traffic suddenly dropped and how you can get back on track. Read on to find out how to get to the bottom of your website's decreased visits.

What can be the Sources of Going Website Traffic Down?

Before delving into more technical areas, such as Google Analytics and Google search console, it is worth considering some of the more common sources for a website traffic drop. We will find out the source and solution to resolve the sudden traffic decrease issue:

Organic Traffic
Organic traffic refers to people who search online and find their way to your site through natural search results rather than being steered there through ads or marketing efforts. When you notice a drop in organic traffic, ask yourself:

● · What is the search ranking of my site?
If your site's primary keyword ranks high on the SERPs, you will more likely earn organic traffic. Search engines need help finding you if you're not on the first page. You can use a web analytics tool such as Google search console for website traffic analysis and SERP ranking.

● Is your SEO optimized?
SEO is optimizing your website so search engines can find it easily on the first page. Your pages could be missing opportunities to bring traffic if you aren't strategically targeting keywords related to your business.

Social Media Traffic
Customers come to your website from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If your social traffic starts to drop, ask yourself:

● Do my social media posts drive action?
Social media posts must offer enough information to get users interested but leave enough unsaid to encourage them to take action. It means creating social posts that offer customers a reason to click through.

● Am I using the right platform?
Those brands that use images to highlight popular products are better off using platforms such as Instagram. Service-based brands, however, often use Facebook to reach their target market. Analyzing which platforms drive traffic to your website can help you pinpoint your most effective marketing strategies.

● Am I using effective social media marketing strategies?
You must revise your social media marketing plan and try new things such as video/YouTube shorts / promoting the offline event. Before you upload any social media posts, it is good to have the pros and cons ready for your marketing plan. You should know whether you are posting on the right platform or not.

Affiliate Traffic
A referral campaign typically involves traffic from sites or blogs. You can gain website traffic from link-building campaigns. Creating a guest blog with links to your site may be a good idea.

Ask yourself these questions if your website traffic suddenly dropped that was previously consistent:

Are the listed backlink sites ranking highly on search engines?
Blogs and website lists could generate affiliate traffic, but only if those websites also receive traffic. If your traffic is declining, have a look at your referral sites.

Are my links directed to the right page?
Your referral links should be pointing to the correct web page. If you have made changes to the URL, contact referral blog site owners to make amendments.

Paid/ Influence Traffic
Paid traffic comes from paid advertisements for your brand or site on search engine results pages. Your ad will display more frequently and be located at the top of the search results page the more money you spend. When visitors don't click on paid ads and don't land on your website through them, it can decrease website traffic. Consider these questions if your paid website traffic is decreasing:

Are my advertisements located properly on search engine pages?
The most effective ads target the right audience. If you are running a pet business, advertising on a finance blog may not meet your traffic quantity and quality expectations.

Email Traffic
People mostly read your emails from links you provide in your correspondence with potential customers. They may be either of the forms mentioned before, such as newsletters, discount ads, and sales banners. If you start to notice a drop-off in email responses, here are some things to consider:

Is the market research I conducted accurate?

To design successful email campaigns, you must understand your audience. You need to know their preferences for communicating with brands, how much they are willing to spend, and what levels of engagement they prefer. To identify your ideal customers, start with email marketing tools.

● Are current email campaigns effective?
More than information served through email campaigns is needed to capture customers' interest. Email marketing campaigns for brands should be planned to provide compelling emails that entice readers to click.
You can use an A/B testing approach - where you can create two types of marketing emails and analyze which one produces better results. It will help you to choose advanced options for email marketing.

Direct Traffic
Direct traffic comes to your site after typing the name directly into the address bar, navigating to it through a bookmark, or clicking on an email link directly from your site. If you notice direct website traffic declining, keep these things in mind:

● What do my URLs look like?
When your URLs are long and convoluted, users may try to reach your page but encounter a 404 error because they typed the wrong website address into their web browser.

● Have I recently updated the pages?
Search for any changes in web pages if you recently updated them. If you change anything and need to direct old links to the new ones properly, visitors may see a page that displays an error which will inevitably lead to an instant loss of visitors.

Negative Reviews and Articles about Your Business
When investigating website traffic declines, it's important to consider whether any negative reviews or articles have recently been published about your business. If you need to be made aware of any bad press, it's worth doing a quick search online to see if there is anything that could damage your reputation. Bad reviews on sites like Google Reviews can impact website traffic, as potential customers may read these and choose not to visit your website.

Solution: It is important to look at what other websites say about your business. Look for any negative articles or blog posts that have been written about your company, and consider how this might be causing a drop in website traffic.

If you find any negative press about your business, take steps to address it. Respond to negative reviews and comments, and work on improving customer service. You can use free or paid tools to help you get notified whenever your brand is mentioned on the Internet.

Don't Miss the Trend
If you're trying to figure out why your website traffic has suddenly gone down, it's important to pay attention to the market trends. People are simply spending less time online, or there may be a new trend emerging in the industry that has impacted your website traffic.

Solution: To determine if this is the cause of your sudden drop in website traffic, look at the analytics data from Google Trends. This data can tell you if a trend has caused sudden website traffic down and can give you valuable insight into what changes you may need to make to stay competitive.

It's also important to look at industry publications and news sources to keep abreast of any market changes that could affect your website's sudden traffic drop. Awareness of new competitors entering the market and changes in customer preferences can help you make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your website remains competitive.

Check the Market Health
When investigating the cause of a drop in website traffic, it's important to consider the market's overall health. Are customers spending less in your industry due to economic factors? Are there new competitors entering the field who are stealing potential customers away from you? By analyzing the market trends, you can better understand what is happening with your website traffic.

Solution: Look for industry reports that can give insight into customer demand and how it has changed in recent months. You can check whether there is any political or economic crisis, just like what happened in Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia and Ukraine war, E.U. current situation where inflation is too high. Other countries are having a tough time - causing a decrease in web traffic. So, it is better to have a backup recovery plan in such a crisis.
Besides, you can try to fill the void that creates a sudden drop in website traffic by offering a profitable product or service.

Lastly, consider what marketing and promotional campaigns have been most successful for your business. Try to determine if there have been any changes in customer behavior that may be causing a decline in website traffic. You can adjust your marketing plan accordingly if you can identify any shifts in customer preferences or spending habits.

Website traffic drop is a frustrating experience for any website owner. The good news is that there are many different ways to diagnose and fix the issue. Start by looking at each type of traffic source and examine the metrics that could be contributing to the decline. While website traffic decreases can be discouraging, remember that they don't have to be permanent. With a careful analysis of your data and a commitment to making improvements, you can identify what is causing the drop and take corrective action to increase website traffic.

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