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This add-on enables users to locate the real store of the website's owner nearby their address on a Google map. It uses GPS location tracking to find consumers' locations and display their addresses to surrounding stores. The administrator can list the hours and days that their store is open. Customers can use a Pincode, zip code, address, kilometer range (5km, 10km, etc.), or address to search the store. Customers have the option to ask to pick up an item from a real store.

To avoid having to return things and save on shipping costs, use this plugin. The details about the store, the customer's requested pickup date, and the hour is all included in the order description. TMD Store Pick-Up will now be available as an additional shipping option. The cost of a shipment can be regulated by the admin. It supports multiple languages.

Administrators can adjust settings based on workflow and operating hours for physical stores. On the store location page, the administrator can choose whether to display or hide the header menu. The zoom level of a Google map can be altered. It will be used to display the store's address on Google Maps on the search results page.

The number of days following the order date that customers can choose the store for item pickup can be specified by the administrator. The time range in hours between when customers can come into the business and take their things with them will be provided by enabling the pickup time slot.
The store is shown on a map using Google Maps in this module. The text can be entered by the admin in many languages. Update the store locator page's color scheme to fit your website's look as well.

The admin can save the details of the physical store using the OpenCart Store locator plugin. Customers will see these stores on the store search page and in the delivery method section of the checkout. The administrator can insert the fundamental data, such as name, email, phone number, or cell number. A store's administrator may input two addresses. There is an integrated auto-load address from Google Maps. Additionally, there is the ability to manually set the position on a Google map by dropping a red-colored pin.

Choose which days the store is open; any days left blank will be treated as holidays. Choose the store's opening and closing hours for each day.
The "Store Locator" page is created by the OpenCart store locator plugin. The actual store is searchable by customers and visitors. They can choose the distance range from their address and search the store by pin code, zip code, or address. Visitors' addresses and the distance between each store's locations will be displayed in a list. When you choose a store, you'll be sent to that store's landing page, where all of its details are displayed.

When a customer is about to check out and place an order. "Store pickup" is a new way for delivery method. All of the actual stores will be included.
When a store is chosen, all of its open days are displayed. Customers can now choose when their orders will be picked up.

The chosen store's details will be recorded in the order and utilized to populate the order detail and invoice pages.
This module includes the shop report to make administrative tasks simple. Only orders with store pickup as the shipping method will be included. Admins can view the specifics of each order. There is a filter provided. The administrator can use this filter to obtain the order list according to their needs. The fields provided in the filter are Order Id, Date from-to, and store name.

Orders with the shipping option TMD Store Pickup will have information about store pickup attached. On the order detail page, the store pickup information is visible to both the admin and the customer. Pick-Up Schedule will be a new component. It has chosen a pick-up date, time, and store name.
To ensure that the order is available by the deadline, the website can forward these pickup request requests to the store management.
The store finder page's color scheme is completely under your control thanks to this plugin. The color setting allows the admin to change the color of the background, buttons, text, and other elements. The elements of the store page will immediately adopt the new color.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com
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Just a little side note: Your TMD company logo, especially the portion on the left side, reminds me of the shape and spikes of a virus, you may want to slightly re-design it :)

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