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The majority of the themes you buy from the marketplace might be compatible with your desktop computer but not with mobile devices.
As a result, when you see your themes on mobile devices, they get disorganized.
TMD OpenCart Mobile Themes was developed for store owners to take charge of their mobile views in order to eliminate this issue for your mobile viewers.
As an online mobile theme, this design will be ideal. Additionally, this online shop will present your goods in a much more attractive and optimized manner.

It improves visitors' purchasing experiences with effective colors, bold fonts, and interactive elements. Navigation receives a lot of attention. You have a variety of search choices, including brand, category, and others. This module won't have an impact on any OpenCart core files, thus updating won't cause problems. As an online mobile theme, this design will be ideal. Additionally, this online shop will present your goods in a much more attractive and optimized manner.

There are further choices, such as the left drawers displaying the category icons and the logo. The website administrator can add the business address as well as page or profile links for social networking websites. All types of screens, including mobile, tablet, and other devices, can use this theme. The mobile theme will continue to be distinct from the desktop theme. Mobile themes only function on mobile screens and tabs, whereas desktop themes appear on desktop, LCD, and MAC computers. To share a link to a product, social media website buttons are displayed on the product page.

The OpenCart mobile theme works with multiple languages and currencies. The color of the mobile theme can be altered at any moment through settings. By altering the theme color appropriately, it helps draw clients to special events like Black Friday, Christmas, Holy Week, Diwali, and other festivals.

The mobile app theme for OpenCart is very flexible. Every part of the theme, from the header to the footer, can have its color altered by the admin. Any color changes made in the settings will take immediate effect. Here, the administrator can modify the size of the logo image that appears in the mobile view.

When choosing colors for coloring, a JavaScript color picker is used. It is possible to alter the color of the header, footer, menu background and text, product page name, price, add to cart, and purchase now buttons, among many other page elements.
Admin must add an icon to the category edit page in order for the category icon to appear on the menus in the mobile view theme. In addition to the category name, an icon file is automatically created and shown on menus.

The OpenCart mobile theme has a setting that allows the administrator to display both the physical address and links to social networking profiles or pages. The admin setting area will have these parameters.

The administrator can put a title for the section in the settings, such as "Follow Us Or Contact Us." The administrator can insert the office's landline, cellphone, and official email addresses. The administrator can also add links to various websites' pages and profiles on social networking sites. Links in social media icons will be shown on the website.

If your website has been installed and is fully functional in several languages. Similar to the website's desktop version, customers can choose the language on the mobile theme. Customers and clients are always important to TMD. For this reason, all modules and themes have been built to be multilingual. With multiple languages, it functions flawlessly.

This module was created by TMD to operate with OpenCart versions 2. x and 3. x. The upload module section in the admin area of your website makes it simple to install a module. because OCMOD is used in this module. This leaves core files alone. It also functions with web pages that users can.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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