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With this plugin, you can add a category to the product you want; You can add, update and delete. Bulk Add and Change Category Add-on allows you to add any category to many products.


With this extension you will be able to:
  • You can add the categories you want to the products you have selected with one click.
    You can add a single category to the products you have selected.
    You can remove all categories of selected products.
    You can see all your categories in the product list.
    User-friendly design with a stylish design.
    You can filter your products by category. A category field is added to the Filtering tab.
    Space-saving design with collapsible box.
    In order to add the categories you want to the products you have selected, it will be sufficient to select the boxes and press the "Update Category" button.
You can do this in 3 easy steps;
  • Tick ​​the checkboxes next to the products whose categories you want to update.
    Mark the category(s) you want to add or update from the menu.
    Hit the "Update Category" button and see the result.
    If you only want to delete your previous categories, check the "Delete previous categories" box and click the "Update Categories" button. The categories of the products you selected will be completely cleared.
    It is troublesome to enter your products and deal with categories that change one by one. With this plugin, you can quickly handle your transactions without entering the products in a very simple way.

Demo and Buy please click the link:


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