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The administrator can use this extension to build a new landing page where a list of discounted products will appear. The administrator can use this module to construct an endless number of pages for each event's quick and effective website promotional campaigns.

This page has sections that display categories such as a menu, brand, items list, expiration date and time, discount percentage, and product buy expires to date, as well as a header with the website's logo. To ensure that promotional efforts are successful and coincide with festivals, the admin can alter the design and color scheme from the settings.
The administrator can construct content pages to discuss discounts, promotional offers, and gifts for their product by using a landing page. This plugin supports multiple languages and has excellent SEO performance.

By including Google or Facebook pixel codes on the landing page, the marketing team can have better MIS report views.
Admin can choose one category or many, or just choose products. Every product had an expiration date set by this module. To remove the product from the landing page for the flash sale, provide the expiration date.

Set the start and end dates as well as the overall discount % for the flash sale. The products and a list of discounts will instantly be shown on the landing page.
Additional options include showcasing brands, subcategories, and product prices, limiting the number of products to display, displaying only discounted products and inserting Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other website analytics code. There are other settings available that provide an edge over rivals.

This addon also allows for SEO URLs for flash sales pages and other SEO data for the search engines, such as meta titles and descriptions.
to provide you with complete control over how everything on your landing page is displayed in accordance with your campaign. The page's background image can be set by the administrator, along with whether or not the image repeats. Add many header images with varying widths and heights for use on desktop and mobile displays.

Additionally, this module included settings for the product section layout, including image size (width and height), product name font size, whether to display the product name in one or more lines, product alignment on the page, and more. With these modifications, the developer's flash landing page will be developed much more quickly.
The administrator can choose whether to show an out-of-stock icon or image next to a product with a less-than-zero stock level. Upload the image or icon that is out of stock.

The module's layout option tab allows the administrator to hide the expiration date countdown, which by default appears on the page. In order to change or add a unique aspect to the page, such as animation, developers can apply custom CSS.
On the configuration page, the administrator can choose how many products should appear in a single row on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices as well as the text for the action button.

Change the background color and choose whether to show or hide the footer. You can alter the footer content using the WYSIWYG editor.
There are further choices, such as the landing page's color scheme. The color option of the extension allows you to adjust the colors of various elements. The landing page can be matched to your website.

The admin can modify the background and hover colors, the style of the product block, the pricing, and the action button for the product. The color of the subcategory name, the background color of the product section, and other sections

The page's color and layout can be adjusted from the configuration to match the holiday. This will help handle work quickly for sales while also saving time and money.
This OpenCart flash sale landing page plugin is totally linguistically compatible. This module displays any installed language tabs on the webpage. The page's title and SEO data can be entered by the administrator for each language area.

when a user switches their website's language. Depending on the language choice, the daily deal headline and SEO material also alter. Thus, it will be simple for the website to target customers from abroad and improve its SEO.
A landing page extension and flash sale for OpenCart were made by TMD using OCMOD and VQMOD. On OpenCart versions 2.3.x and 3.0.x, it operates flawlessly. Additionally, the most recent stable version has been tested.

For the cloud version to perform at its peak, it is used. Unit tests have been used in testing to ensure the quality of the job.

After installing the OpenCart welcome message for visitors to your website, no core files will change. It practically constructs a file system and dynamically adds compatibility to files.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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