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On your website, it displays significant announcements like product reviews, upgrades, or new features. This is a fantastic approach to draw in new clients or keep up with current ones.
The website's admin can modify the settings to change how the information popup display is styled. It is possible to write your own CSS using the custom CSS option. The internet page has a close button that can be used to quickly remove the information popup from view.

The administrator can choose which page should display the information popup rather than displaying it everywhere on the website.
Because this module is multilingual, you can be confident that your customers will read the content in their own language. Both OpenCart 2x and 3x versions of it performed admirably.

This module has a feature that enables the admin to modify the information popup's appearance.
The popup's text size, color, and background color can all be modified by the admin. Either the top or bottom of the screen may display it. On the popup, color and font size are automatically applied.

The close button in the popup's right top corner could be shown or hidden thanks to the option. By setting the status to disabled, you can make the website's information popup disappear.

The OpenCart fast information module supports multiple languages. The tabs with the national flag and language name will display all of the currently used languages.

The administrator can enter the information in the appropriate language tab. When consumers change the language, the module will recognize the change and display the admin-selected language data.

You'll be able to better target the global market and boost sales as a result.

The OpenCart quick information extension was built by TMD to work with both OpenCart 2. x and 3. x. The most recent version,, of this module functions flawlessly. To verify that the module satisfies the listed features, a unit test is employed.

OCMOD was used to construct this module. The installation of the extension won't affect or replace any core files on your website. Using the XML technique, a Quick Information popup will be added to the page at runtime. Installation is simple. Utilize the extension installer provided by the admin and upload the module's zip file. Refresh the modifications. The add-on is available for use.
The WYSIWYG editor is included in the OpenCart fast info module for content creation. The popup will automatically modify its height based on its content.
Admin is capable of writing in both text and HTML. Multimedia files including pictures, videos, animated gifs, etc. are supported.

Instead of having the information popup appear on every page of the website, this module provided the option to only display it on a selected page. Websites that run campaigns or post service announcements on their pages may benefit from it.

Choose the page you want to appear in a pop-up window. Choose either the top or bottom quick info option under the position section. The popup will be brought to the chosen popup. To display the information popup, this setting must be used.
It's an advanced environment. It applies the CSS code that is provided. This feature will be useful if you give out offers or alter the color scheme depending on the situation. The information popup's design can be updated by the administrator by writing new CSS code. It can be used to change the current design or provide a brand-new, original one.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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