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On the admin dashboard, configure the menu for commonly accessed pages. With this addon, the menus will be displayed in a gridview fashion.
The administrator has the ability to modify the color theme and add or remove menu items. The admin will save time, and accessing the page will be simple.

Any page of the admin panel, such as those for items, categories, manufacturers, discounts, orders, sale reports, backup, users, and other pages in the menu, can have a link to the menu added to it. Change the color theme of the menus as well to match your website.
A fast menu can be created by the admin indefinitely. Both the OpenCart 2x and 3x versions are compatible with the OpenCart fast admin menu plugin.

The OpenCart admin quick menu module has a feature that allows you to add and remove menus from the menu list. The admin dashboard page will automatically display these menus.
Enter the routing information and sort the order after writing the menu's name and choosing the icon. It uses the Font Awesome icon library. The valid URL of the page you want to access must be the routing value.

The menu list will display the sort order. The administrator may construct as many menus as they desire. The gridview will show every menu item.
Simply change the status to disabled or vice versa if the admin wants to conceal the fast menus from the dashboard.
The admin can modify the module's color scheme for the admin quick menu. Real-time updates will show all the changes. On the dashboard, you can see the revised admin quick menu's font size and color icons.
Font size, icon size, text color, menu backdrop color, and icon color are all customizable by the admin. All of the admin quick menus will be affected.

Select whether the menu link should open in the current tab or a new one. The number of quick menus that should be visible can be specified by the administrator, and any additional menus will be automatically hidden on the dashboard page.
The OpenCart 2. x and 3. x versions are compatible with the OpenCart admin quick menu plugin. The most recent version of this module has been tested. To ensure that the module satisfies the features, a unit test is run.

This module makes use of OCMOD. That indicates that after the extension is installed on your website, there won't be any core file changes or replacements. XML will be used to dynamically add quick menus to the dashboard. Installation is simple. Utilize the extension installer provided by the admin and upload the module's zip file. Refresh the modifications. You're done now.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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