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I'm a newbie and have gotten around most of the errors, the api error was brutal to find the solution but I got it, but this one alludes me. The shop I am trying to setup is in the US. All my settings have been changed to the US. I added in a UnitedStates Geo Zone. I deleted the two default UK ones. The order is accepted just fine. However when I go to edit the order to change it to processed it gives a warning of Shipping Method Required. The shipping method is populated. Its set to all zones. I have tried flat rate with 0 cost, free, and shop pick up and not one works. I have searched and read every thread but I cant seem to find a solution that works. Your help is much appreciated.. I've put in too much work to toss it at this point.



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Post by paulfeakins » Wed Oct 05, 2022 7:59 pm

If you can't get help here for free, you could pay a developer such as ourselves or post a job in the Commercial Support Forum.

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Check both your PHP and OpenCart error logs. Also check your web browser's developer console for errors.

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