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I don't know why, but I can't open any of the image attachments that people link in their posts on the forum.

I'm using a Mac - OS 10.14.6, and have tried three browsers - Firefox, Safari, and Chrome - and I can't find a way to open these images. I have NoScript running on Firefox, but have enabled all (only two) scripts ( & but have no restrictions on either Safari nor Chrome. Also tried with my iPhone after logging in, and still can't open them.

Links open just fine.

I tried the same page on a W10 Firefox browser with again, unable to open the image attachment. This is the page I am trying to check:


I see this (screenshot), but the attachment can't be opened...:



-------(end of screenshot)------

Note that I can open images in marketplace and anywhere else, it is just forum posts.

Is this some forum setting I'm overlooking? I have everything set in my User Control Panel/Board Preferences/Edit Display Options to "Yes"

And - Notify me when a reply is posted - is still not working - (Notify me upon replies by default = Yes) ../Edit Notifications Options all set to Yes. Someone really should fix that, wish I could! I belong to any number of forums and the notify works as expected. Only OC's forum doesn't. Daniel should deal with this as it is counterproductive to folks wanting to use OC easily and know when posts on their questions are replied too! And I don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon...
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Post by Johnathan » Tue Sep 27, 2022 9:04 am

It's not just you, it's a forum-wide issue. Daniel has been notified, so hopefully he'll fix it this time around (along with a few other new bugs, like missing breadcrumbs).

For the image attachment specifically, you can control-click and choose "Open Image in New Tab". That will show you the original image at the appropriate size.

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