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The export order module is a tiny and unique module for OpenCart store owners, as its name suggests.
The admin can use this module to export sales orders from their online business and save them as offline xls files to their desktop. Since TMD has been developing OpenCart modules over the past ten years, it has observed a significant demand for this module both from customers and store owners.

Therefore, TMD specifically created this export order extension to satisfy the need for sales order data exports.
This is a versatile module for all common OpenCart versions, including 2. x and its higher versions, 3. x and 4. x.

With this tool, you may quickly export your customer and order information to an Excel (.XLS,.XLSX, or CSV) file. No matter what version of OpenCart you are currently using, you may choose which fields to export and which ones not to.

You can only export the columns that you need for your analysis because there are several files in the export order module. Below is a list of the columns that are accessible in export order modules. Admin can extract the sole pertinent sale information from voluminous sale records. The filter provided in the OpenCart export order module makes this feasible. There are numerous 12 field parameters.

When filters are chosen or values are entered, the precise downloadable result is subsequently provided. The data in the stores, order status, customer name, customer group, product category, and other fields can be filtered out by the admin.
Most filter fields have auto selectors that work similarly to OpenCart's built-in filters. Administrators only need to enter the initial values, and a dropdown with values pulled from a database is displayed. It is simple to use and will only export filtered data. Here are all of the fields that are included in the filter.

The order information that is available in the OpenCart admin is fully listed in this module. Order, Customer, Payment, Shipping, and Product 5 are the designated sections for each field. When choosing certain parts, the administrator has access to all field lists.
This will display order-related data columns like Invoice no, Coupon Code, Status, Total, SubTotal, etc., just like when an order is set. Similar to how choosing themes determines the fields for the other sections in order,

These fields have a choice option, and the admin will send the selected fields to a separate box with all the selected fields in it. The exported file will contain these chosen fields.
It is simple to both add and remove these chosen fields. The OpenCart export order module does a great job since it removes some fields from the list of fields, preventing administrators from adding the same field twice and rendering the exported file meaningless.

Limiting the selection of data to specific items rather than having to go through numerous fields and waste time extracting the data, simplifies administrative tasks. Three file formats are included for exporting the data. This module provides download options for the order export data in.xls,.xlsx, and.csv file formats. Only one file format can be deleted by the admin from the drop-down.

Admin can type the name of the exported file. The same name that was written by the administrator before pressing the export order button will appear on the downloaded file. Only the data that the admin has selected in the filter and fields will be present in the final exported file.
The order export file can only be downloaded so many times. The amount of data processing that the website server can handle depends on it.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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