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OpenCart Custom Size option (1.5.x , 2.x & 3.x)(ocmod & vqmod) Module

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2022 3:13 pm
by TMD Extension @

This add-on enables e-commerce websites to collect precise product sizing information from users. On the product page, the custom size option will automatically show up.

The numerous layouts for showing size options on the product page can be adjusted by the admin, along with the labels and descriptions for the sizes. It allows for flexibility in adjusting to the website's design.
By including photos that show size measurements or a size chart, you may describe a product's size in more detail. This aids a website in boosting retail sales.

Multilingual websites are supported by this plugin. Additionally, it works with OpenCart version 3x.
The product's sizing chart image can be uploaded by the admin. On the product page, a custom-size option will be available. The setting offers three different option types: radio, checkbox, and select. Choose the option that serves your consumer the best.

Admin can specify the measurement's beginning and ending points. All size options, including Bust, Waist, Hips, Hollow to Floor, etc. will be covered by this.
Two measurement units have been provided: inch and centimeter. It ensures that clients choose the appropriate product size.

The admin-entered custom size option's title and description will be shown. There will also be an image with an expand button. Customers can click the button to view the size chart graphic in a larger size.
Applying the size type of centimeters or inches to the remaining size possibilities Custom sizes include height, bust, waist, hollow to floor, and size type (inches/centimeters). The setting's defined starting and ending values will be used.

The module instantly deactivated the product's size choice when a customer chose the custom size option. Customers can choose the exact size of the things they need in this way.
All OpenCart modules and extensions are developed in accordance with the documentation and best practices for OpenCart. As a result, all of the OpenCart themes are compatible with the OpenCart product custom size option.

Journal, Shoppica, Faster, Sellegance, e-Market, Bishop, SimpleGreat, and Sellya are a few examples of OpenCart themes. The addition of the custom size option on the product page uses XML, and all parameters are applied at run time.

If you developed a unique OpenCart theme in accordance with your needs. Your website will still be supported by our module.
Multilingual websites can be supported via the OpenCart custom-size option plugin. The current language will be automatically determined by this module, and it will be displayed in the various tabs beside the national flag and language name.

The administrator can enter the header, description, and other information for the custom size option in the appropriate language input areas. The extension will verify the language and display the data entered by the administrator when users choose a different language on the website.
A website will be able to draw in more foreign visitors as a result, improving the sales graph.

The OpenCart product size option extension is compatible with OpenCart versions 2. x and 3. x. The most recent version of this module,, has been tested. To make sure the module has the functionality stated, several unit tests are run.

Recommended The addon was made with OpenCart OCMOD. This makes sure that when the extension is installed, none of the website's core files will be modified or replaced. Custom-size options will be uploaded immediately to the website's product page.
The extension is simple to install. Install the module's zip file using the admin's extension installer. Refresh the modification. The module is also prepared for use.

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com