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By doing this, you may enhance sales conversion and help the audience develop trust in your store. As business owners, we are all aware that customer referrals are considerably more powerful and beneficial for your website than simply having flashy designs. Consumers say they trust internet reviews just as much as personal recommendations, according to 88% of them.

A feature of this extension allows users to submit testimonials. From the settings, the testimonial slider can be placed anywhere on the pages. To strengthen the trust of others, customer information such as name, country, photograph, etc. is displayed in the testimonial. Additionally, a dedicated page with pagination can be displayed.

The layout of the testimonial can be modified by the admin to fit the website's overall design. This module has a number of parameters for color themes.
It is multilingual and supports OpenCart's most recent version. This module may be set up quite easily.
The number of testimonials that should display in the slider at once can be changed by the admin. write the module, too.

The background picture and testimonial container height and width can both be customized by the admin using the color setting.
The testimonial slider has a color setting that enables altering the color of each and every component.
The testimonial can be enabled or disabled by the website administrator to display or hide it. The option to permanently erase it is also available.

There is a layout module setting included with this addon. It automatically shows up in the list of available page layout modules. The administrator can post the testimonial wherever on the current page, as per the website's design.

Simply change the page layout. Select the testimonial module and choose one of the following placements: top, bottom, left, and right.
All testimonials will appear on the slider, and their size will match that of the Testimonial module setting.

If you like to have a testimonials page with a list of all the testimonies. Then, with this extension, it may also be achievable. The testimonial module from the layout can be assigned to a new page by the administrator.

Only reviews will appear on the newly established page. When there are more than 10 or 20 client testimonials, pagination is automatically established.
OpenCart's Customer Testimonial adds a page where customers can leave insightful comments. The form includes details about the customer, including name, title, nation, and image. Customers are able to rate products and contribute text. The testimonial will be submitted, and a success message will then show up. To appear on the testimonial list, it requires admin clearance. The submitted testimonial may be deleted by the administrator.

TMD developed an OpenCart extension using OCMOD and VQMOD. On OpenCart versions 2.3.x and 3.0.x, it operates flawlessly. Additionally, the most recent stable version has been tested.

For the cloud version to perform at its peak, it is used. Unit tests have been used in testing to ensure the quality of the job.
After installing TMD OpenCart modules, your website's files will not be changed. The website will continue to operate as it now does. Isn't it simple to use? Yeah!

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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