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  • Doesn't replace files, doesn't use ocmod, uses events.
  • Doesn't affect performance
  • User friendly interface
  • Managing the main menu items (menu on the left)
  • Managing Top Menu Items
  • The top menu can be displayed in specific sections by specifying route
  • Supports get variables and config parameters in links.
  • Menu items are hidden if the current user has no rights.
  • OpenCart/OcStore 2.3 and 3.x.
  • Languages: ​​Russian, English
  • Compatible with various admin panel themes, works with modules that modify the main menu
  • The license applies to one store / multi-store + subdomains.
  • The purchase of the module entitles you to receive updates for one year.
  • 4534b9e58a3e6d0ab2bb4fe4a09b00f5 *
  • c88f9b908a95f31f7eb70eac9de7392f *
  • Install the module through the "Extension manager".
  • Go to "Extensions > Modules" and install the module.
  • The module is divided into 2 independent modules (Main menu, Top menu)
  • Links to the scanned sections of the store can be dragged from the right panel to the left panel
  • When installing the module, the main menu is automatically populated with the current main menu items
  • For the main menu, icons are only available for the first category level. Used font icons - built-in, FontAwesome.
  • The top menu can be placed on specific admin pages by specifying page routes separated by commas or on all pages if the route is left empty.
  • Support for get variables and config parameters in links. (For example, [product_id] or [user_token] or [config|config_language_id])
  • After installation, the menu is filled with already existing menu items.

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