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A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Selecting The Best Outdoor Laser Measure

You may be searching for the best outdoor laser measure, but there is a lot to consider before finalizing your purchasing decision. In this article, you will learn everything about buying the perfect model to meet your needs. Many manufacturers produce such tools, and it might become a tricky task to pick the right option. Furthermore, confusing features may also lead you to make the wrong decision. Therefore, it would be better to read this post before investing your money.

Continue reading to know about the most dominant considerable factors for purchasing a perfect outdoor laser measure.

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Focus Your Needs:

If you want a laser measure to meet your upcoming projects, create a list of your needs. It will help you in selecting the best pick from so many choices available on the market. If you want a device to get simple measurements around your home, purchasing an expensive one will not be a wise decision. You would not like to spend extra money if a low budget tool can fulfill your needs. A model with a high price tag will come with features that you will never use. Hence, DIY homeowners and weekend warriors should find laser measures with basic features.

However, never think of purchasing basic models for accomplishing your commercial projects. Expensive models will offer features that will enable you to complete complicated tasks effectively and efficiently. It will be the right decision to spend some extra money once instead of wasting time on projects. Moreover, such a tool will save you from costly mistakes on the projects. Moreover, check that the laser measure for outdoor use includes all features you may need during your projects. Expensive models do not mean at all that they will match your requirements.


The range of laser measurers is one of the most dominant factors to consider before finalizing any model. It will determine how far you can measure with the device. In this regard, a 100-foot range will work for most of the household and small projects. If you are a DIY enthusiast, 100 feet will be an acceptable range.

If you are a professional builder, appraiser, surveyor, or anyone else who needs measurements on a large scale, purchasing a long-distance laser measure will be the right choice. Otherwise, the tool will not be able to take all the needed measurements. Many models are available on the market today with up to 300 feet range. You can select one that meets your budget and includes other essential features.


The accuracy rate of a laser measure is as important as range and other factors. Whether you need a tool for home or commercial projects, perfect estimations are crucial. It is the only reason you want to buy the most accurate laser measure instead of tape measures or other traditional methods. Furthermore, some weather and environmental conditions may also affect the precise measurements. Many tools may be less accurate at long distances, on humid or hot days, and due to water vapor interference. However, expensive models will provide you the most accurate measurements in all conditions.

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One of the main advantages of using a laser measure over the standard tool or tape measure is the availability of various measurement modes. These choices make it easy to measure straight lines or estimate area, volume, and many more. In this regard, you have to select a model that includes all needed modes for completing your upcoming projects. If you solely need straight-line measurements, there is no need to pay for the area, volume, and other functions.

A simple device will not be perfect for complex measurements, including circumference, volume, Pythagoras, area, and distance. The best laser tape measure will provide you all the required estimations to avoid any unexpected hassle during work.

Easy Operating Functions:

The simple tools are convenient to operate because of the fewer modes. As the device increases the number of functions, its operation becomes hard to run. If you are a novice user, we recommend picking a simple model to complete your projects conveniently and quickly. A device with so many functions may be time-consuming because you will have to figure out how exactly it works.

As mentioned above, professional builders cannot rely on the laser distance meter with basic features. However, they should buy a model with an easy-to-read display and simple directions. This way, they will be using their devices without any issue while taking many measurements.


The display of laser distance measure should be clear and easy to read. Furthermore, it must also indicate information with the numbers. Therefore, search for the models that provide clear visibility of numbers along with labeled data.

In this regard, distance, area, volume, and other taken functions should be available separately with appropriate labels. Otherwise, it will become a headache to translate each measurement before starting work.

IP Rating:

All laser measures have an ingress protection rating to describe resistance against dust and water. You will see it as IP with two numbers. The first digit will define the product’s resistance against the dust, and the second one shows water-resistance. Dust protection is on a scale of one to seven, and the water is from one to nine.

The device with a low rating will work if you do not want to spend much money. However, you should not compromise over this rating if you need one for commercial projects. The high rating will ensure you can use the device without getting worried about any damage due to dust and splashes of water. For instance, an IP67 rating means that the best distance measurer can withstand harsh worksite conditions for up to many years.

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You should check how many measurements your selected laser measure could store in it. Most of the basic units can hold up to five last taken estimations. However, inexpensive and advanced devices will allow you to save up to thirty measurements. You can go on with the first option for household projects. However, get the laser tape measure with the maximum storage capacity to complete large professional tasks.

After reading this comprehensive buying guide, you are on the stage to search for the best laser measurer for appraisers, contractors, and many other professionals.
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