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I've a requirement for Opencart Using Journal 3 theme.

When a registered customer made their first purchase, and within X months time, bought $Y amount, the customer will be auto rewarded with Z% as their credits. This cycle will repeat every X months.

For e.g., from the first purchase and within 2 months, I spent S10,000. At the end of 2nd month, I'll get $200 in my credits. Restart the cycle. For the next 2 months, I spent $20,000. At the end of the next 2 months, I'll get $400 in my credits. And so on.

There are conditions to use the credits.
Registered customers must spend min $A amount to use $B amount from credits OR
registered customers must spend min $C amount to use $D amount from credits.

The expiry date for the credits is E year. The expiry date is calculated from the day the registered customers received the credits.

All the variables must be configurable at the admin page.

Interval period: <- this refers to X months time
Interval period quota: <- this refers to $Y amount
Reward: % <- this refers to Z%

Min amount in a single receipt to use credit: $A or $C amount
Credit amount allowed to use: $B or $D amount
Expiry: E year

The credits must be auto applied when customer hits the Min amount in a single receipt to use credit and use the max Credit amount allowed to use.

Please quote man days and costs. Thanks.

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Better ask Journal developers. Because OC framework is changed by his own. So nobody can't help here. Or place request to the commercial forum. viewforum.php?f=88

Custom OpenCart modules and solutions. You can write PM with additional questions... Extensions you can find here

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