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This is a extension request (or something like that) as I have been searching on and off for an extension which can handle backorders for opencart since I started with it in 2013, but have jet to find anything which can handle this :-[

Basically what I'm looking for is an extension which is able to handle backordered products for me. So for instance if a customer orders 10 products, and I only have 8 in stock, I only want to ship and invoice those 8. The other 2 products will have to remain on order (are backordered) untill I can actually ship and invoice them.

Alternatively, a customer can put in a sales order, which is then partialy fullfilled. After which the items that are available will be shipped/invoiced and removed from the sales order. While the items that have not been shipped/invoiced should remain on that salesorder, which in turn is left open.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Where to find this functionality? (if it exists at all).

If this is posted in the wrong section, I apologize!

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Post by grgr » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:41 pm

Functionality does not exist in opencart to do that.

I did a split dispatch extension, but it looks like you want to split the invoices as well....?

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