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OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder
The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder helps to automatically build & launch a PWA Mobile App for any eCommerce OpenCart store. With the use of this extension, you can have your PWA completely in-sync with your OpenCart website & easily customize your PWA from the backend of this OpenCart PWA Maker extension.

Because this extension derives a PWA from your own OpenCart Store, the inventory management is entirely automatic. From managing push notifications to editing the home-page layout & more, the OpenCart PWA Builder extension makes every task convenient for the store admin. On the user-end as well, it provides a shopping app with great UI, UX latest features that a legit eCommerce App must have.


More Info & Purchase Link Here:
OpenCart PWA Mobile App
Admin Demo
Front End Demo
Video Tutorial

Note: Copy and paste URL on mobile browser to check PWA Front demo app

Top Features with This Extension:

1. White Label Shopping App:
The OpenCart PWA built using this extension is a white-label app. Store owners can add their own app logo, app name, brand logo on the navigation bar, use their choice of theme, colors & font styles.

2. Customizable Home-Page Layout:
Store admin can entirely change up their home-page & create new designs using the DIY Homepage editor provided in this extension. Without the need for coding or spending hours, admins can easily configure their PWA’s home-page. Store owners can even use a time-based flash sale banner with customizable timer & graphics.

3. Quick Installation:
As PWAs are installed from the website itself. Upon visiting your OpenCart mobile website, app users will simply need to allow the “Add-To-HomeScreen” pop-up in order to install your PWA on the home-screen of their mobile devices.

4. Unlimited Push Notifications:
Store admin can send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users. There is no limitation set in this OpenCart PWA Creator Extension. Admins can also easily automate some common notifications to further optimize the task of engaging the app users.

5. Featured Product Listing:
Store admin can selectively list their products as “best seller”, “favorite”, “special offer”, “new arrival”, etc. on their OpenCart Progressive Web App.

6. Offline Accessibility:
Due to data caching in Progressive Web Apps, app users won’t have to rely on the internet to access your app. PWAs run flawlessly even under little to no internet connectivity.

7. Non-Dependency On The App Stores:
There is no need to publish the Progressive Web Apps on any of Google Play or Apple App stores. PWA can simply be downloaded/ installed from your own website.

8. Multi-Device Compatibility:
Your OpenCart Progressive Web App would run on every device you can think of whether it is smartphone or tablets of Android or iOS. This is because PWAs run on the internet browser of the device.

9. App-Like Look & Feel:
Although Progressive Web Apps run on internet browsers but because of service workers & web app manifest, they give the look & feel of regular mobile apps. They even support push notifications just like regular native mobile apps.

10. Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual Support:
OpenCart PWA apps, built using this extension, by default support multiple international languages & currencies. Even the RTL scripts like Arabic, Persian, etc. are also supported.

11. Lightweight:
Progressive Web Apps are extremely lightweight when compared to Native Mobile Apps. This simply means that your OpenCart PWA Mobile App will have a faster load-time & will consume less space on the app users’ device.

12. Social Login & Sharing Options:
App users are also provided an easier option to on-board the app i.e. through login/ sign-up via their Google or Facebook accounts. Also, quick social sharing links are available using which app users can easily share the links of their choice of products on their preferred social network.

13. All Payment & Shipment Method Support:
All of the shipment & payment options active on your OpenCart website are by default active on your OpenCart Progressive Web App too.

14. Coupons & Voucher Support:
All of the coupons & vouchers active on your OpenCart website are by default functional on your PWA too.

15. One-Page Checkout:
App users won’t have to go through lengthy checkout procedures. Your OpenCart PWA will have a quick single-screen checkout page with all the necessary details in a single page. App users can even select a delivery address from their address list.

16. Order Tracking:
App users can easily track their active orders from within your OpenCart PWA. Also, they will be sent regular order status push notifications if the admin has this notification enabled.

17. Live Synchronization:
Your OpenCart PWA & website will always remain in real-time synchronization with each other. Store admin won’t have to separately manage their inventory/ category.

18. CMS Page Management:
Store admin can even choose the information/ CMS pages to be displayed on their OpenCart PWA App. It will then be visible on the navigation menu & can also be used as redirect link.

Merchant Benefits:
1. It saves the OpenCart store owners from programming a Progressive Web App from scratch.
2. Store owners are provided with a white label OpenCart PWA. This way their web app is unique to them.
3. The OpenCart PWA Builder extension also provides a powerful & admin-friendly backend so that store admins can easily edit & customize their app without the need to spend hours on programming.
4. Because Progressive Web Apps have secure URLs, they are indexable, shareable & help the website rank better.
5. This OpenCart PWA Creator extension, developed by KnowBand, is backed up with a support team of skilled professionals. Whenever required, the store owners can easily reach out to the KnowBand team for any sort of assistance.

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