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Updated to v302.6

v302.5 was skipped to maintain matching version numbers with MailChimp Integration Pro

Release Notes:
- NOTE: If you've manually added code to any other file to hook it into the MailChimp Integration, you'll need to update that code due to the registry changes in this version. Check the instructions.txt file for the new code.

- Added: support for Journal 3's newsletter module

- Fixed: "Undefined variable: zone" error
- Fixed: customer auto-creation wasn't working OpenCart 3 due to a removed column from the "customer" database table

- Updated: MailChimp Integration library loading now uses the full registry
- Updated: made some small changes to improve admin panel loading speed
- Updated: the API Key is now requested before setting up the extension, so reloading the admin page is not required by the user

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