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I am using Opencart with Journal 3.0.44 and I have noticed the following. I have a category of carpets in which there are options for various dimensions in which the price changes. I have also set the price of carpets without VAT, so that it is automatically calculated by opencart as taxable goods with 24%. The problem is that in the filters of the carpet category I have put the price range as a filter and it shows me as the maximum price, the price of the carpet that I have put in the price which is also without VAT. Shouldn't it show me the price of the carpet including VAT and even better the price of the carpet with the largest dimension that exists in the options of the carpet and that again with VAT?



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The price range is filter is not part of a standard Opencart. You should get in touch with the Journal3 authors on this. Opencart only uses filters matched by their names.

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