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Starting next week (week commencing 27th April 2020) Google have announced that it will be free to list on Google Shopping.

See their blog post announcement here -> ... on-google/

In a nutshell, you will be able to list your products on the Shopping section of Google for FREE.

Of course, you can still pay for Google Ads for Google Shopping, these paid ads will appear on the main search results as they do today.

However, being able to list for FREE now can only benefit those of you who previously didn't want to spend money on Google Shopping ads.

It's FREE, what's not to like.


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Post by Burt65 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:21 am

Now that the post is open to replies, I would say that Giving Google even more power by allowing them to list your products on their site, in the long run will be a very bad decision, especially considering Google practises in the past. Once they got the monopoly on people search and no one goes to your shop address directly anymore, it would be very easily for Google to change attitude and ask for remuneration for providing that famous "free" service.. (Google Map comes to mind). Oh wait, they are already doing it! Now that the customers got used to go directly there instead that at your address, it will be hard if not impossible to win them back..
Like big supermarket, it does also kill individuality (as you now have hundreds similar products advertised in the same page) and frankly it makes your shop become nothing more than another product on the shelf). Is just quantity, not quality..

That's what not to like about Google Shopping "free" IMO... It's all about power and control, nothing to do with offering a free service..

Look at the bottom of the page. It's black and white:
Google is compensated by these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results. Prices are in US dollars and may not include delivery costs. Merchant updates to information may be delayed, therefore users should check the merchant's site for the most up-to-date information.
Just to be sure..
Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results
So, where is the real value for your business or your customer in Google Shopping again??? Is just another big company making mince of the little ones. Nothing is for free on this planet!

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