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What about a bundling-function for downloads?

Would be an elegant way to sell albums consisting of tracks which are also buyable as single-items from the same products page.

Desirable structure:
You create a digital product in the admin-backend and add downloadable files to it. Then you can choose, if this product is only to be sold as a complete bundle and/or whether the single files can be purchased individually.

The frontend then displays the album-product as a whole in the categories (lets say "Music/Rock/Artist_X/Album_Y"). If you click on the products link the products detail-page then shows the single tracks and you can add the tracks to the cart one by one. Or you can buy the bundled product as a whole via a link "Buy whole package/bundle/album" with a previously set discount in the backend.

That would be a great feature. And the icing on the cake would be, if a preview function for every media-file could also be implemented. In such an extent that you could choose at the backend "use preview" and then upload a preview-file also for every single track (for example 30 seconds from for a music file).

Could ideally be combined with the possibility to upload files via FTP and then assign them to the downloadable products. This also solves issues with PHP-script-runtimes and filesizes for users' who don't have acces to php.ini and/or cannot workaround it via .htaccess. -->,2126.0.html
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