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Hello everyone,,
This topic is not strictly an opencart matter, but I think it may interest most Opencart users so I post it here anyways. I'll let the admin move it somewhere else if they disagree...

I ran into the following situation : I have about 600 pages on my website. Google search console has indexed about 1800.

I figured it may have to do with URL parameters such as limit, sort, tag...reverse image search email checker

So I want to set up the search console so that Google does not consider those as duplicate content (bad for SEO).

In GSC, in URL parameters, I listed : limit, filter, page, tag as "restriction" and sort, order as "sort" parameters.
What should I tell google to do about the URLs that contain those parameters ? Should I tell it not to crawl those pages, given that the content is already present in some URLs that do not have those parameters ?fedloan easybib
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You would do better asking such questions on the Google Community Forums

My thoughts would be for same page content that is listed multiple times, ranking points would be shared between each duplicate page.


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