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Hello everyone,,
I was wondering where to find the module reviews for each module? There doesn't seem to be anywhere to find them on the module pages. This seems crazy as most people look specifically for this information when making a purchase. I don't understand why it is so hard to view the reviews. Is it even possible? Is this an over site or opencart, or are they trying to make it hard for customers to access this information. I really feel bad for developers who have a lot of good reviews.
This makes no sense. Or am I missing something here?reverse image search email checker port checker
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Yep, you really seem to be missing something. OC Users only come here, to get assisted,
and they mostly use the Extension Section, to hopefully find free Mods. But that's about
it, quite seldom, one comes back here, to say thank you, and even more seldom, one
goes back to the Extension Section, to add a positive review, just, to make it easier for
others, eventually even direct Competitors, to find out easy, what works best. :laugh: :crazy:

But OC is not a place of Friends, it's a more place of Competitors, and that's, what you
seemengly overlooked. It's just the way, how OC works, it's like in real Business too. :D
I made ONE Friend here, after supporting thousands, and he did not even need
Support, that's OC Reality, as it exists. ;) Why should they look for 'details', if they are not
available, by pressing buttons, directly on the Pages? That's too much wasted time already,
to ask for, for about 99.9 Percent of them all ... ::) 8)

But I don't take it personal, and neither should you. Take, what you get, and if one is smart
enough, our only best Friend Googie will stay aside, and that's all, what really counts. ;)
Strictly from the Business Point of View at least, by Nature of things ... :laugh:


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