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I'm still on OpenCart and have offline credit card processing (through stock OpenCart extensions). When a customer places an order, that order and half of the credit card numbers go into the admin and the other half of the credit card numbers are emailed separately to a designated email (

So when a customer submits an order, he'll get a copy of that order via email sent from the admin (from Internally, we get the actual order form to (from the admin system).

All of the sudden it's having problems producing these email copies (at least internally). No customer's have complained yet about not receiving their order confirmation copy.

My site is hosted on Site5 and they swear they haven't done any recent (within the week we've been having issues) updates or maintenance. The only thing I've tried was refreshing encryption keys.

Any ideas from any pros in here?


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Post by D3MO » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:00 pm

Maybe you set up alerts? where admin does receive a copies of emails sent (orders, registrations etc..)

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Post by johnp » Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:24 am

My first job would be to clone the site into a sub folder, upgrade it to and run some test orders. Make sure that any extensions are upgraded to versions before placing test orders. This will help identify the problem.

Also check your PHP version. I run my OC sites on PHP 5.6. When I'm forced to I'll change to PHP 7.

OC and PHP 5.6 is a pretty reliable combination

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