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I have created a website using Opencart 2.2 and everything worked smoothly on XAMPP.

Now when I have moved the contents on a VPS, I'm having this problem. When I access the store or the admin page I get 'Error: A theme has not been assigned to this store!'

The theme I'm trying to use is called Lightness (oc-light).

I have tried everything I found and I thought of:

Changed permissions on server, moved the storage folder, checked the OC database setting table to make sure the theme_default_status value is set to 1.

I can paste the config.php or the admin/config.php or anything, just let me know what is needed.

I also want to point that the errors logs doesnt show anything. I have checked both the opencart error located in ./system/storage/logs/error.log and I also have an Apache log for this website and they're both empty. No errors at all.

I found a thread with a similar situation and someone said that a workaround would be to use phpmyadmin and add manually into oc_setting these values:

setting,theme_theme683_status,1,0 # where 'theme683' would be the theme name.
as code,key,value,serialized.

I have tried but no luck. I also have tried with oc-light as theme name. Still no luck.

The big problem is I cannot even access the admin panel so I can check settings or to make other changes there... so any help would be grealtly appreciated!!



Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:18 pm

Post by thekrotek » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:36 am

It's kinda hard to say, what exactly is the issue. I could look into the issue personally. Drop me an email, if interested.

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