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Hi guys,

Having a strange issue where the catalog-side emails are getting sent properly (eg new user registration) but any emails that originate from the admin side of the application (eg user has been approved) are not being delivered.

OC doesn't shoot any errors. It seems like everything is going fine. Script doesn't fail. I created a test controller on the admin side that fires a test email and its just not coming through. But no errors.

Hoping someone else has dealt with this and has some advice. My gut says its not an OC issue, but the hosting provider.

In site settings, the mail settings are blank -- other than "Mail" selected as protocal (not using SMTP). Again this works fine for catalog-side emails so I'm not thinking thats the issue.


SOLVED: I set the email settings to SMTP anyway and fiddled around with it. The ultimate issue seems to be that the email mailbox was never set up with a password and no one noticed. OpenCart seemed to fire off okay with that, but it looks like the server rejected it silently. Solution was to use SSL SMTP, set an email password for the mailbox. I dont have an explanation as to why the default mail protocol works fine on the catalog-side but not the admin-side, but this issue is solved.

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