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I have a product who has multiple options like:

1. License type: "New", "Renewal" and so on,
2. License period: "1 year", "2 years" and so on,
3. quantity segments like between 5 and 9 products the price is 10 USD/product, between 10 and 14 product price is 8 USD/product and so on.

If I combine all those options, usually I get a product with more then 300 SKU's and I need an extension(s) who can allow me to:

- create variations of all those options;
- offer me the option to set prices for segments of quantity like I explained above ( 5-9 10 USD/product, 10-14 8 USD/product and so on);
- set SKU for every variation;
- set price for every SKU;
- export/import SKU's so I can manipulate the numbers in excel faster;
- live price update for the front so the price can change when the quantity is modified.

I will gladly pay for it if anyone wants to develop such thing.

Thanks in advance!


Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:55 am
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