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I have a question from an existing customer that has a site for retails customers at the moment that would like to have a separate 'trade' section but only have to update the one catalogue.

(1) Create a new "Trade Log in" on the top menu. (current retail site)
(2) When clicked it goes to a brand new website, e.g. or
(3) Trade partners have to create an account with some basic business facts and the system generates a standard email with their password.
(4) This new website has just (a) a catalogue of all products and (b) a new buy it now function with standard trade prices for each product and a simple order form. No gallery, no other info pages that the retail site has, but perhaps new wording on "become a stockist".
(5) We get the emailed order as currently.
The only issue I can see with this is the requirement to maintain two catalogues on two websites, unless there is a way of updating one catalogue for both sites to access?

Any pointers would be really grateful. Thank you :-)


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Well, you don't have to change much for such, just create two different Kinds of
Customers, and the final Price can be made dependent on the Customer-Status.
This way, in order to get Wholesale Prices, one needs to be logged in. Or then,
anybody would be able to access such a Site, wich would sure not make sense ... ::)

But I really do not know, what VALUES will be shown on Pages, where Prices exist,
i.E. on Category + Product Pages, Bestsellers, Latest, e.t.c., if, by example, no Special
Price has been defined in the Admin Product Page. You have to check on such first,
since I never tested this yet. Just to have it mentioned ... :D
Good Luck !



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