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Hey folks,

was able to quickly code both a retail and wholesale store (utilising subdomain) using Opencart 3. Site features many modifications including pricing display and advanced inventory. Client stoked that they can use the same admin/database for both sites.

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

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Post by vindhyavart » Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:24 am

yes, can be accomplished as needed. we can go for details to head start.

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Post by Jaesin » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:33 am

First, I think its a very clean looking site.
I have a preference to look at UX design concerns, so I will point out where I think improvement can be made...
1. The menu drop downs are very difficult to read when hovering over due to the yellow change on hover. In my experience from a users standpoint, people do not read the menu and then select the category, they tend to hover over each category with the mouse as they read it., and if its what they want, they click on it. The yellow hover makes it difficult to do that.
2. Hiding the search input bar is ideal when there is a lack of space available, but you would still want the search icon to ether change color on hover as a clickable area, or extend the search input bar on hover. Personally, a search is much more welcoming to utilize when it is constantly displayed.
3. When dropping down to a tablet or a phone screen display the Menu bar is hidden with the words "Browse Catalogue" and the button to the right. I believe the button should be on the left and perhaps the "Browser Catalog" should be "Menu"t
4. When in mobile screen sizes, too much valuable;e area is lost to the Logo. I would prefer the logo to be hidden and just the name "VapeMonkey" to be shown in the top of the yellow bar area. This would bring the image up higher front and center, and then directly below that I would have the price displayed and options, moving the content down to display third. This would also give more of an "App" feeling to the site at mobile viewing.
5. At mobile view I would hide the descriptions and pricing of the related products on a product page, showing just bottle and product name.

My opinions are not ideal to some, and it should not be...however I think that in the future if any A/B testing is done, they perhaps should be considered.



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