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I have a UK based store and want to offer the following shipping options but am struggling to get them to all work together:

UK under £30 - £4.99 flat rate
UK over £30 - Free shipping
International orders - weight based shipping

Initially I only had the UK shipping options and both were working fine. I then tried to add the weight based international shipping options but it wouldn't work unless I disable free shipping.

Does anyone know a way to do this please?



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Post by Johnathan » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:25 pm

What you'd need to do is (1) enable Flat Rate for your UK geo zone, (2) enable Free Shipping for your UK geo zone with a Total setting of 30, and (3) set up Weight Based Shipping for all your international geo zones. You'd need to create those geo zones if they don't already exist. Note that this will NOT hide Flat Rate when Free Shipping is active, so you'll probably want to put Free Shipping first, so it's the option selected by default if it's active.

If you want an extension that can do all three of those things, as well as hide the Flat Rate method and allow you to not create a geo zone for every international country, then Formula-Based Shipping can do all that. If you want an example of how to set it up, feel free to send me some of your rates at and I can give you an example.

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