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My store uses an OpenCart template (OpenCart

I am not sure if Order Totals is the correct forum section to post this, but I think so. Please let me know if not.

While checking out, in Step 5: Payment Method, if I enter and apply a coupon code, I get a 500 Internal Server error after checking the Terms and Conditions checkbox and clicking the Continue button (which SHOULD take me to Step 6: Confirm Order, but doesn't). After some time on Tech Support with my Web Hosting company, they tell me they are seeing the following error:

"Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer: ... t/checkout"

The error only occurs if I enter and apply a coupon. If I don't enter a coupon, clicking the Continue button on Step 5: Payment Method takes me to Step 6: Confirm Order, without any issues.

NOTE: If I enter and apply the coupon code in the CART (as opposed to entering it during CHECKOUT), I don't get the error. Attaching a screen capture to describe what I am talking about.

This is causing SERIOUS issues with my customers, so any help is greatly appreciated!



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Most likely one of your modifications causing it. It's not possible to say which modification specifically without looking into your issue.

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