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Hi all ,
I have some products where there are different sizes according to agegroup and instead of creating multiple products, i have used the product options tab size and have given different sizes (used as age group) and quantities and additional prices, this is good, I have also displayed single product in multiple age group categories, so that if we click menu Shop by age parent category, sub category of '0-6 months' same product will be there and another sub category '6- 12 months' same product will be there, now when a user order '6- 12 months' from selection list and that stock is finished, next user won't get the dropdown of '6- 12 months' for that product page, this part is also nice, now my main problem is that the product still gets shown in '6- 12 months' sub category page, so when a user selects '6- 12 months' category page and see this product and clicks on it, since the stock of '6- 12 months' is finished, the product page only shows 0-6 months, and I think users won't be interested in browsing like this, so instead of me manually going to that product's assigned category and removing the 6- 12 months category of that product, is there any way that opencart will automatically know when displaying the subcategory page not to show products size option which is now 0
in another words is there any way to link production options size quantity and subcategory showing page

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You can reach me on Skype: cisin.arnold or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


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