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1st install of OpenCart v3.0.2.0. Never used OpenCart prior. Once the installation was done, I went to work on all of the different aspect of setting up my shop, but I didn't have any images displayed on any page (Admin or Store Front). Zero images. Spending a day and half reading this forum and looking online for a solution, I couldn't find anything what was resolving my issue.

I have .htaccess setup on my domain because people were linking to my images, so that was the first place that I checked to make sure everything was whitelisted properly. All good there, but still no images.

I did, however, inadvertently resolve the issue while watching a OpenCart tutorial video on SEO optimization. Here's the fix.

Open your File Manager in cPanel or connect to your server via FTP. Browse to the root directory of your OpenCart installation under your domain ( In that directory, there is a .htaccess.txt file. Rename that file to .htaccess (dropping the .txt from the file name). You don't need to edit the file or anything else.

Refresh your Admin and Store Front pages and your images should be there. Hopefully this helps someone else. Good luck.


Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:04 am
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