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First I ask you to write clearly in English that does not have abbreviations I speak Spanish, and I do not understand a little English in abbreviation.

ok my problem is, weird ..
I have version on a host that is Hostinger. if you do not know they give you the option to install the fast opencart application.

But from what I saw the version that I install is missing a lot, has errors but corrected some, fast.

But now I need one that really has me worried and I do not know what to do.

The fact is that I was practicing with some friends on my website to see the operation, everything was excellent.

The bad thing is that the users who register do not appear in my list of clients.


in this case I have 3 registered users, but when I click to see who they are, it remains that way.


But check and notice that in my database if the users are saved. What happens there?

The other case is that I do not want the client to pass without my approval, they pass directly but I do not want to.


I want to personalize payment methods, which do not exist anywhere, I look for it and nothing, I just want to know how I add that option .. it does not matter that I stay as is the option of bank transfer.


because you can not customize the links? I personalize them and I get an error



I want to place implement an example widgets


and finally for what are the affiliates in opencart
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Well, top urgend Matters should always be published in the commercial Section,
if someone expects First Class Assistance. And according to your Posting, you
do not seem to have any OpenCart Experience, but a lot of problems and wishes,
so you better get professional assistance, if you expect this to work out well.
Good Luck! ;)

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