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Module can be obtained here: ... n_id=32909

Opencart has a great feature. Different user groups, where you as admin can allow to register users to, or manually as admin assign users to one or another group.

But this feature lacks one very important thing, to set different pricing for these different user groups. You can set different special prices , different quantity discounts, but you cant set main price or different option prices per user groups.

And lets face the fact, that this feature for different user groups is most important to have different prices for VIP clients, or whole sellers, or it even can be as a pushing moment for a customer to register to website by offering better prices for loged in users:)

So here is the module, the one will change how you look at user groups feature forever:)

From now you can set unlimited price manipulation rules for different customer groups.

All you have to do is to create a rule in module:)

Simply select a user group the rule must apply, and set price increments or decrements for (main product price, quantity discounted prices, special price and option prices). In order to increase or decrease the price. to increase add positive number if you want to decrease - add negative number.

More ever you have 2 types of increment (flat or by percent).

And that is not all, with this module you can create lots of pricing rules since it has implemented start time and end time periods if needed.

What makes possible to create different pricing rules for the the same user groups based on time (for example you can set happy sale periods for X prices at one day and Y prices at another ) or you can set future discounted sales by setting date periods and do not worry more about it till the sale ends:)

Or you can start selling "Club membership" and offer better prices for club members.
The usage of this module is limitless:))

So if you really want to boost your sales, and be few steps ahead of your competitors, this is a must to have module at your store.

Module can be obtained here: ... n_id=32909

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Hi, does this extension work with export feature? I mean... if I do an export to XLS (using other extension) would it export this extension data too?



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